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How to Avoid Wasting Money on Ceramic Dinnerware

Investing in ceramic dinnerware in Singapore can be both exciting and daunting. With a plethora of styles, qualities, and price points available, making the right choice is crucial to avoid unnecessary expenses.

There's something so beautiful and inviting about a stylishly set table with handcrafted ceramic dinnerware pieces. Whether you're drawn to the rustic, artisanal charm of a earthy stoneware plates and bowls, or the crisp elegance of fine porcelain plates and mugs, having quality ceramics instantly elevates any dining experience.

Regardless of your style preferences, handmade dinnerware sets has a way of making every meal feel a bit more special.

Casa Alessia Hana Karim Ceramic Plates

Focus on Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

The very first thing to assess when shopping for ceramics is the actual quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Handcrafted does not automatically mean high-quality - there can be significant variance between different makers and production methods.

Look for ceramics made from more premium clay materials like porcelain or high-fired stoneware. These tend to be far more durable and resistant to chipping or crazing over time compared to typical earthenwares. The glazing should appear evenly applied and feel smooth to the touch.

Our partner artisans use specialised tools to create porcelain and stoneware pieces with painstaking care and precision. They hand-dip and hand-glaze each item multiple times to ensure brilliant, long-lasting colours and a durable finish that can withstand years of regular use.

Choose Versatility Over Trends

Casa Alessia Wabi Ceramic Chip Resistant Plates

While trendy dinnerware can be tempting, classic styles endure through time and are less likely to need replacement as trends change.

Clean lines and simple shapes in neutral hues can complement any décor and allow you to change up your look through accents and linens.

Classic Shapes and Colours: Opt for simple, timeless designs that are versatile for both everyday use and special occasions. This prevents the need for multiple sets.

Multipurpose Pieces: Some handcrafted ceramic tableware pieces are designed to serve multiple purposes (e.g., a dish that can be used for both baking and serving). These can offer better value for money than buying specialised items.

Consider Your Real Needs

One major budget pitfall is purchasing full dinnerware sets with far more pieces than you'll realistically use on a regular basis.

If you don't frequently host large gatherings, do you really need a full 12-place setting?

Start first with covering your typical day-to-day needs like dinner plates, pasta bowls and mugs.

Shop Smart

Compare Prices: Look at different retailers for the same or similar products. Online stores often offer competitive pricing and detailed product reviews.

Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Before making a purchase, do your research:

Product Reviews: These can provide insights into the durability and practicality of the dinnerware.

Recommendations: Ask friends or family for recommendations on ceramic dinnerware brands or lines they’ve had good experiences with.

Handcrafted ceramic dinnerware is an investment meant to bring beauty, joy and durability to your dining experience for the long haul.

Do your research, focus on quality and don't be lured by too many cheap trendy pieces. With some careful selection, you can curate a stunning and functional collection built to withstand everything from weeknight takeout meals to hosting holidays in style.

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