We Set Inviting Tables

Tracing back to ancient traditions, the simple clay has been transformed by skilled artisans into vessels that grace tables and connect people over delicious meals for centuries.

At Casa Alessia, we continue this rich heritage by crafting durable, elegant ceramic tableware that becomes the centrepiece for life's most inviting dining experiences.

Life's best moments often happen around a table. At Casa Alessia, we celebrate these simple yet profound gatherings.

Our story began with a realisation: the right tableware can transform a meal into an experience. Not just plates and bowls, but vessels for sharing stories, laughter, and traditions.

We craft our ceramics with this in mind. Each piece is made to withstand daily use while elevating every meal.

Casa Alessia isn't about picture-perfect dinner parties. It's about the real moments - the slightly burnt lasagna, the wine spills, the kids' table that's way louder than the adults'.

We make our ceramics for these moments. For the takeaway nights when you want to feel a little fancy. For the potlucks where no one's sure what dish is in which container. For the times when dinner turns into hours of conversation, and you realise it's midnight.

Because let's face it - it's rarely about the food. It's about being together. And if our plates can make those times a little more special, well, that's why we do this.

Our products are shaped by skilled hands and creative minds.

We partner with independent designers and skilled artisans who pour their expertise into each creation. Our commitment to quality starts with the materials. Our partners use only natural, high-grade clays and glazes, ensuring each piece is durable, safe and beautiful.

Subtle variations in texture and colour that tell the story of their creation. Pieces that feel special in your hands because they were shaped by someone else's.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
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