Welcome to Casa Alessia

Tracing back to ancient traditions, the simple clay has been transformed by skilled artisans into vessels that grace tables and connect people over delicious meals for centuries.

At Casa Alessia, we continue this rich heritage by crafting durable, elegant ceramic tableware that becomes the centrepiece for life's most inviting dining experiences.

We Set Inviting Tables

At Casa Alessia, we believe that some of life's most meaningful moments unfold when we gather around the table with loved ones. Breaking bread together creates an opportunity to nourish our bodies and our bonds - sharing stories, traditions, and delicious food.

Our artisan ceramic collections are designed to inspire these enriching dining experiences. We craft durable, refined tableware that becomes the centrepiece for life's simple yet profound celebrations - from weeknight family meals to festive holiday feasts.


By Hand With Lots Of Love

Every piece from our collections is 100% handmade out of natural, high-quality materials

by independent designers and skilled artisans. 

A Note From Andrej & Kathleen

Over years of traveling and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, we discovered the transformative power of an inviting table setting.

Whether witnessing vibrant family dinner parties or Slovenia's warm osmicas that host lively communal feasts, a beautifully set table elevates any meal.

We saw firsthand how delectable home-cooked dishes and the right tableware fostered connections by allowing people to share flavours and stories.

Yet we found that quality, handcrafted pieces often felt inaccessible or too formal.

So we founded Casa Alessia to bring quality, artisan-made ceramics into every home at an approachable price point. Our mission is to inspire you to relish life's simple pleasures by crafting unforgettable dining experiences for any occasion.

We hope our collections become cherished pieces for savouring incredible meals in the company of those you love most.

Crafted for Life's

Most Inviting Dining Experiences

Restaurant-Grade Quality

Clean, sustainable sources

Thoughtful Design


We believe that the true essence of quality lies not only in the beauty of the finished product but also in the passionate process of its creation. Our travels led us to the doors of master artisans whose skills have been honed over generations, and whose dedication to their craft is woven into every piece they create.

Our collaboration has enabled us to develop and curate collections of tableware that transcend mere functionality. Our artisan partners craft each piece from the finest materials, faithfully upholding their rich legacy while innovating traditional practices for enhanced sustainability and durability. 

Each Casa Alessia creation is a work of art imbued with the spirit of its maker and the heritage of their craft. These are pieces meant to be loved and passed down, gracing life's most inviting tables for generations to come. 

Our Mission & Vision

We truly believe that every meal is an opportunity for connection and celebration. We craft our ceramic tableware to enhance the joy of home cooking and gatherings, infusing each dining experience with sophistication and warmth. Our designs blend modern aesthetics with practical elegance, encouraging everyone to relish the art of eating well with family and friends.

Our commitment extends beyond creating beautiful tableware. We aim to foster a culture of stylish, enjoyable home dining that welcomes all. By expanding our collection to include a variety of designs that cater to diverse tastes and occasions, we ensure that every home can experience the pleasure of a beautifully set table.



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